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Christy Richardson, Voice Over Artist. Luxury polish, geuinely funny.

Luxury allure.

Genuinely funny.

Christy Richardson, Voice Over Artist. Luxury polish, geuinely funny.


Christy is a busy Voice Over Artist in the Atlanta area with a long history of performing. Her parents swear she was reciting all of Robin Williams’ monologues from Aladdin, word-for-word, at age 7. So, it’s no shock that she went on to study Theatre, Music, and Shakespeare before embarking on an acting career in NYC. 

The years of training gave her a rich and articulate voice, a love for character and story, and a serious knack for comedy. The transition to Voice Over was seamless. Now, rather than interpreting scripts, Christy uses her instrument to help clients tell a brand story, market a product, or bring a character to life!


With her deep and velvety tonality, Christy fits perfectly in the luxury world—where a polished delivery and certain sensuality are major assets. If sophistication and intelligence is your goal, Christy can engage the brain while avoiding pretension. If sexy is your vibe -- she can easily dial up the purr and amp up the vamp.


Humor has always been Christy’s niche; from sparkling repartee to deadpan sarcasm, subtle wit to over-the-top farce. Having played histrionic divas, lightning-fast brainiacs, and the unimpressed “straight man,” you can bet she’ll always hit the “wink and a smile.” 


No matter what combination of alluring and funny you need,

Christy will work with you to create something genuine to

help you tell your story.

Luxury allure.  Genuinely funny.


60sec Commercial Demo - Christy Richardson
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Full Commercial Demo - Christy Richardson
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Commercial Work

Advanced DDS Dentistry - Christy Richardson
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Explainer Videos

Sustainable City - Christy Richardson
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The Reserve at Sea Island - Christy Richardson
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Ovations Loyalty App - Christy Richardson
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Non-fiction Audiobook Sample

Book Insights- A Brief History of TIme - HiBooks
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Electro Voice RE20

Focusrite Scarlett interface

iZotope RX7/ Audacity DAW

Sound treated home studio



"Christy is great to work with! The quality and personality she brings to her work is what we were looking for! We look forward to working with her on future projects!"

 -- Jessie Bumgarner, SONA MedSpa

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